7th February 2018
Brown Furniture - Back in fashion?
Brown Furniture - Back in fashion?

Back in the 1970's and 1980's quality wooden antique furniture, AKA brown furniture, was considered a sound investment. So much so, that even financial investment companies were putting funds into antiques. However, those halcyon days of high prices and high returns are no longer and the ever increasing 'disposable' lifestyle has endured. But there could be whispers of change....

It would seem that now is an ideal time to be putting your hard earned cash back into brown furniture. Prices are reasonable and quaility is high. And as popularity increases, basic laws of suppy and demand should improve the returns on your clever investments. 

So how can you incorporate dark wooden antique furniture into a modern lifestyle? First of all, there is absolutely no need for your sitting room to be all brown. This isn't the 1940's and all that money you spent on those huge windows will be wasted when the light is sucked up and destroyed by the huge amount of deperessing brown furniture. The key to making brown furniture work in a room scheme, is the mantra 'less is more'. One or two well chosen, good quality pieces, will have a much more positive effect. A beautiful mahogany chest of drawers and perhaps a couple of well placed occasional chairs will give your room a classy period feel. A room with all brown furniture, will give the impression of a student house in the late 70's... a look we would all like to forget. 

The beauty of genuine antique furniture as an investment, is that it has proven to stand the test of time. The quality craftsmanship in each piece has already lasted for at least 100 years. And if well cared for, there is absolutely no reason (except maybe the doomsday clock ticking closer to midnight) for the furniture to continue for the next 100 years. Brown furniture, by it's very nature, will become your family heirlooms. 

So where to spend the money? Useful pieces are far more appealing than purely decorative items. A chest of drawers, occasional table  or sideboard are items we use today, so why buy an antique item that serves no purpose? You are more likely to hang on to a piece of furniture if it's useful and fits in with a busy lifestyle. There's nothing worse that cleaning something which contributes nothing to your life. 

But where can you find these gems? Well, obviously reclamation yards like ours will have a collection of genuine antqiues, and they will be consideraby cheaper than a high end antiques dealer.  Local auctions, house sales and charity shops are also other places to consider.

So get cracking and find that diamond in the rough. Happy hunting....

26th January 2018
New stuff and lots of it...
New stuff and lots of it...

So the dark and dank days of January are behind us. I've even spotted some daffodils, so surely that must mean Spring is on the way??? 

With the coming of Spring, perhaps you would like to spruce up your home, business space, restaurant etc? Our stock is always changing, so here is a small sample of our new products available to purchase online or in store. 

A good stock of rustic teak cupboards has just arrived. In various colours and sizes. These are ideal as pantries, linen cupboards or for hotels, bars and restaurants. They look great in both period or more modern spaces. 

Our stock of vintage and antique furniture changes on a daily basis. This beautiful Victorian serpentine chest of drawers has just arrived. Lovely rich coloured mahogany. Unusual, beautiful and useful. The perfect combo!

This lovely French rustic dining table is another recent arrival. 





Made from fruitwood and seats up to 12 people. Fantastic for a large open plan living dining space or for a restaurant. Worth snapping up as it won't be here for long. And if you don't need a table that seats 12, but still want a lovely piece of antique furniture, this small 18th Century French cherrywood table will fit the bill. It seats 6 and is ideal for a farmhouse kitchen or more formal setting. 

Painted vintage furniture is still very much a 'thing' and this lovely astral glazed mahogany desk with bookcase above would make an ideal home office. Elegant design and very useful. 

Traditionally thought to be derived from a pagan sacrifice to the gods, or a representation of the betrayal of Christ by Peter, weathervanes or weathercocks, make a fantastic addition to any roof. They can be purely decorative or to indicate the direction of the wind. We have a good range of both copper and black metal ones in stock. Traditional silhouettes like cockerels and ships and more novelty ones, likes running pigs and leaping salmon

We now have a wide range of wooden signs in stock. Some copies of original road signs, and some more along the novelty line. They include, names, football clubs and road signs. These signs are newly made, but rustic enough to look great in any period home and inexpensive enough for a thoughtful, yet quirky gift. 

Obviously, this is a very small example of what we have in stock. Please go online or pop in to have a look at the vast and varied collection of both reclaimed and new items available.

We look forward to seeing you soon!




13th December 2017
So this is Christmas...
So this is Christmas...

Less than 2 weeks to go and if you're still wondering how to amaze your friends and family this year, Wells Reclamation has the ever changing eclectic array of unusual Christmas gift ideas.

In no particular order....

Metal Chicken. Surely no home is complete without one? And a bargain at only £25 

Giant gold lady statue. Who wouldn't want to feel like Goldfinger for the day? A snip at only £5000! 

Vintage car sofa. Motor enthusiasts will love this. And the lights work. What's not to love? £895 

Spinning Aeroplane Garden Ornament. Surely the perfect gift for the person in your life who already has everything? £24


Vintage barbers chair. For all those budding Sweeney Todds. £295

Wooden 'End of the Road' sign. For the optimist in your life. £30

Funky Flamingo. The ultimate in ironic chic. £45

Cossack Statue. There are no words... £12,000.... 

Outrageously glamorous chaise longue. When a chair just isn't enough! £495


And last but not least, one of our signature cast iron cows. An absolute steal at £38!  


Happy shopping! and Merry Christmas from all at Wells Rec.

Ho Ho Ho....



9th October 2017
Winter is coming...
Winter is coming...

Autumn is in full swing and Winter is loitering with intent. So now is the time to think about getting the house up together before Christmas arrives all covered in glitter and slightly sozzled at 9am...

A spanking new kitchen is definitely a serious decision but the Wells Reclamation solid pine free standing kitchen units are priced so competitively, they won't eat into the Christmas pressie budget. We also have the clever 'mix & match' range, allowing you to create a fitted kitchen on a budget. The units are modular, so no carcassing is required - saving valuable time and money. If your chippy is on the ball, you can have a new kitchen in a couple of days. The kitchen range includes sink units, cupboards & larders, butchers blocks and island units. All the stuff to create a lovely country style kitchen without breaking the bank.

This is also the season for fireplaces. Imagine the beautiful comforting glow from an open fire or log burner. Wells Reclamation can supply fireplaces, grates, surrounds and log burners - both new and reclaimed. The stock is always changing so it's definitely worth popping in to have a look at what's available. 

As Christmas is approaching, the panic of where everyone will sit begins to set in. Thankfully, we have a steady supply of large tables ideal for the big family Christmas. We currently have a number of beautiful reclaimed French tables. Lovely rustic cherrywood or oak. We have also got a seriously big table, locally sourced from the world famous Millfield school. It can seat 14 and can be completely flatpacked for easy storage and transportation. Solid oak and a beautiful colour, it's the perfect solution for Christmas lunch. We always have a number of traditional farmhouse tables to suit different sized spaces. Again, this is an ever changing stock so keep an eye online to see what's available. 

As well as all the interesting antiques and vintage stuff for sale, we are also one of the largest suppliers of natural stone flooring. So if you're considering a new stone floor or patio, Wells Reclamation is definitely a place to visit. 

We have 1000's of square meters available at all times, so we can supply and deliver quickly allowing you to realise your vision in record time. Prices start at £25/m2 (inc VAT) and we have options to suit any budget. With our new coffee shop and patio area, you can also see how your chosen stone will look when properly laid. Come on in and have a coffee whilst you decide!

So, as winter approaches, Wells Reclamation can help make your home more cosy and even more lovely! We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Winter is coming.....

18th August 2017
Coffee Shop Now Open!
Coffee Shop Now Open!

Finally after 30 odd years, we now have a coffee shop. The Coffee Box @ Wells Reclamation is selling lovely coffee - beans supplied by Somerset roaster Martin Carwadine & Co. We've even learnt how to make a Flat White. Along with coffee, we have tea, soft drinks and snacks. Yummy cakes supplied by Bristol based bakers Cakesmiths. Now you can visit us, have a wander and then have a coffee and a ponder! We will also be selling hot snacks and sandwiches in the not too distant future. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday 10am until 4pm. Saturday 10am until 3.30pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.


24th May 2017
Got a difficult friend? We can help.
Got a difficult friend? We can help.

We've all got one of those friends who are really difficult to buy for. The one who has everything, or worse never knows what they want....Joy oh joy. 

The beauty of working somewhere like Wells Reclamation is having the widest and wildest choices possible for every conceivable event or important date. So for all those difficult friends, here is a selection of gifts to make them laugh, cry or even block you on Facebook.

Pink Flamingo's are everywhere - wallpaper, t-shirts, greetings cards and now available to buy online and in store at Wells Reclamation. They are just fabulous. And it's no wonder a group of flamingos is called a 'flamboyance'. They are the ultimate in outrageous plumage! I dare anyone not to like them. Birds are beautiful. Fact.

For the more discerning customer, one who might like the about a flying pig!? Silly and amusing, they make wonderful gifts. They are also small enough to have indoors or out. And they make great door stops.

For that friend you've been trying to ditch since Freshers Week in University (25 years ago) - look no further... An aggressive looking Scooby Dooesque flying gargoyle

A truly remarkable acheivement in excellent casting and detail to create a strangely appealing statue. (See also 'how to get rid of an unwanted house guest 2.0').

For those loved ones in your life that like a more flamboyant interior what about the harlequin coffee table or maybe the crazy red and silver chaise? Both items have a definite 'wow' factor and I promise you will not find anything the same anywhere else!

Finally, who can resist one of our signature cast iron cows? Wonderful on their own, better as a herd!












4th March 2017
Hello Spring!
Hello Spring!

Spring...Apparently this is the time to prepare your garden for its inevitable awakening. Unfortunately, I never actually put mine to bed so it looks pretty a 50 year old man after a stag weekend in Prague.

However, I have faith in my few neglected plants. They've learnt to be hardier than normal due to their poor upbringing and obvious neglect. That clematis will recover and burst into bloom at some point. Mind you, considering I have been known to kill rosemary (the herb, not an actual person) it could go either way.

What can be done though, is making the garden look attractive by adding things that don't need any care whatsoever. (My kind of garden). Instead of planting a rose bush (it will involve pruning and some expert knowledge) why not have a beautiful statue. This will last a lifetime and actually gets better with age, like that aforementioned 50 year old man. 

If a statue isn't your thing, what about a nice bench? Wood, stone or metal, depending on the look you're after. The wooden one will need more care than stone or metal but all will give your garden a focal point and somewhere quiet to sit, pondering how we've ended up in a world with a US President named after a gaseous excretion...You literally couldn't make it up. 

You could add a birdbath or bird feeder. Both of which will bring wildlife to the garden - especially squirrels... But the joy of birdbaths and feeders is the fact they need no care and the rain will keep the bath topped up. Perfect for the lazy gardener (i.e. me).

Of course, it could be time for some new garden furniture. Again metal probably requires less maintenance than wood and if you get bored with the colour, you just spray them a different colour. 

However, the ultimate in lazy gardening has to be the 'no mow' lawn. Imagine the time and money you save! No more Sundays spent walking up and down forever in pursuit of the perfect lawn. Unfortunately, this is the only thing we don't sell so scratch that idea and choose a lovely flagstone patio instead. And you then have the excuse to buy a power washer to keep it clean - low maintenance and an excuse for more toys. It's a win-win!

Happy Spring!