Here Comes the Sun....

Here Comes the Sun....

Rumour has it that Spring is just around the corner. If your bedside table looks like a Saturday night in A&E, then you've probably had a similar long, cold, germ infested Winter to the one that we've had. And we're reluctant to put money on the aforementioned Spring arrival but we can all hope. So if the sun is about to put it's little hat on, it's definitely time to look outside and think about how to improve the vista and to make your outside space functional and beautiful at the same time. You'll be relieved to know that we can help you achieve those garden goals.  

Do you love to entertain, drink wine outside and BBQ from April until October? But not a fan of lawn mowing? A beautiful natural stone patio is the answer to all your prayers. Low maintenance, perfect for entertaining, ideal for BBQing and zero mowing required. Wells Reclamation always keeps large stocks of natural stone and slate flooring available for immediate despatch all over the UK. Sandstone and Limestone options are available in a variety of colours and are perfect for creating that country house vibe. If you're looking for a more contemporary, urban feel then Brazilian slate could be the way to go. We don't limit your choice by way of patio packs and size combinations. If you want all one size, we can supply it. If you want a combination of 2 or more sizes, then we're happy to oblige. We want you to have the outside space that you want. Not one dictated by what comes in a crate. 

Our natural sandstone options are available in both tumbled and untumbled finishes. Our best selling Brecon Grey Tumbled is the classic flagstone option. Varying in colours from dark through to mid grey, it suits all types of outside space and location. The tumbled finish gives the stone a lovely aged look and it's incredibly robust. This is also available in the Brecon Grey untumbled finish which gives you the same quality product and range of colour at a slightly cheaper price. We also have Light Grey or Light Grey Tumbled - the colour is as you imagine it to be! York Style or York Style Tumbled are very similar to traditional York stone with colours varying from brownish tones, through to autumn and grey. Our very popular Cotswold Buff is also available in both Cotswold Buff Tumbled and Cotswold Buff Untumbled. This is the colour of Cotswold stone but without the astronomical price tag.

If you're looking for a more regular finish, limestone could be the choice for you. Unlike sandstone with it's variations in colour and classic flagstone look, limestone has a more uniform surface and consistent colour. We have options in Black, Yellow Grey and Kota blue. The Black is available in both tumbled and untumbled, the Yellow Grey is tumbled and the Kota Blue is untumbled. The other limestone option we offer is Lime Ash. This is a more modern choice with callibrated edges and depth. 

For a contemporary, urban look, we would also recommend the Brazilian Slate. A high quality, dense product in a uniform, dark grey. This comes in a riven finish, giving it a natural grip and making it ideal for wet and high traffic areas. This option is also callibrated on the edges and in depth.

To compliment our natural stone and slate flooring options, we also have a large stock of stone and slate cobble setts. These can be used to create garden edging, paths and zones within your space. Sold by the square metre or per cobble, you can buy exactly the quantity you need and we will not restrict you by weight or patio pack size. 

All of our products are available to see and purchase on our website or in store. We can supply samples too. We are happy to discuss your requirements and can calculate the quatities you need so please give us a call on 01749 677087 or email us at All of the products mentioned here are suitable for both interior and exterior projects. 

Imagine in no time at all, you'll be happily ensconced in a comfy garden chair, sipping a cold G&T and enjoying the view. 


Posted by Emma Smith
2nd March 2023

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