Spring is on the way!

Spring is on the way!

Now that the miserable month of January is nearly over, we can start thinking about Spring. This is the time to start planning garden improvements and we have some ideas to help.


An outside seating area, ideally under cover, is definitely the way to go. Especially in the current unsettled times. We have a good selection of garden furniture such as our best selling wire furniture range. This includes chairs, armchairs, tables and now benches. We also have vintage beer festival tables and benches - these can be folded away in the less clement months or just used for larger gatherings. And we have handmade rustic oak refectory tables and benches which can be used outside if treated with the right products. These are made from stunning reclaimed European oak. You could build a pizza oven to feed family and friends. The ultimate in easy entertaining. 

What about that pergola you've been thinking about for years? You could go all out with this fabulous Victorian style domed top cast iron structure. Perfect for growing climbing plants to create a lovely dappled light. Add some fairy lights and a fire pit and Bob's your uncle...


Alternatively, you could build your own using our lovely seasoned oak and glaze the roof or tile with some reclaimed terracotta for a homely rustic look. Create a little bar area and add the fairy lights etc as mentioned above.

It'll be party central round at yours. You've never been so popular! 

If an area of solitude and tranquility is more your thing, we can help you create the perfect setting. Our tree seats are a great way of utilising space whilst taking advantage of being next to your favourite tree. And they give you a 360 degree vista. You could also use a large classic style statue as a focal point. Then add seating for a space to reflect and get away from the everyday humdrum. A fountain or water feature will also help with relaxation. The sound of trickling water is hugely theraputic and will help you unwind. 

Finally, bring some colour and vibrancy to your outisde space with terracotta pots in all sizes filled with beautiful flowers and plants. Not only do they look lovely and make you feel good, but you're helping your local bee population to flourish. A win-win.

We have many of our products listed online and many more in store, so please get in touch if there is something specific you're looking for. 

Roll on Spring!


Posted by Emma Smith
25th January 2021

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