If you can't stand the heat....

If you can't stand the heat....

Summer's over - sorry to break the news! Autumn has arrived and Selfridges are actually selling baubles in the shape of pizza slices - I kid you not. All in all, the race to January 1st 2019 has just stepped up a gear. So before this year runs out, some household improvements could be on the cards.

Aside from the actual cost of the house, and a set of the afore mentioned pizza slice baubles, the next biggest household expense is a new kitchen. The sky is quite literally the limit when it comes to the cost of a new one. But does the cost add the same or more to the value of your home? The jury's probably out on that one, but if you want/need a new kitchen and don't want to spend the next 20 years paying it off, one of the fabulous Wells Reclamation kitchens could be the answer. Made from solid wood and absolutely no MDF or plastic, they offer an affordable solution to those wanting a beautiful country style kitchen without the hefty price tag. 

There are two options - a selection of free standing units or the modular mix & match range to create your own 'fitted' kitchen. To be perfectly honest, most of our customers choose a combination of both. 

The free-standing units are of a traditional country design, primed in white and supplied with hand turned pine door knobs. The range includes sink units, island units and cupboard units. Giving the customer a good choice to create their ideal space. And as the units are free-standing, there's no reason why you couldn't move them around for a new configuration when you get bored, or even take them with you when you move. 

The modular range allows the customer to create their own fitted style kitchen. Again, the units are of a simple design, primed in white and supplied with hand turned pine door knobs. Unlike other fitted kitchens, these items come as complete units meaning no carcassing or lengthy installation times. Another cost saving! We also have wall units in 3 sizes - ideal for small or large spaces. To finish the space, we have worktops in wood, marble, granite or slate and a range of hardware to personalise your units. 

We can deliver all over the country and the majority of the range is in stock at all times. If you need any more information, please call the office on 01749 677087 or to place an order go straight to the website. 

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Posted by Emma Smith
18th September 2018

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