Hello Spring!

Hello Spring!

Spring...Apparently this is the time to prepare your garden for its inevitable awakening. Unfortunately, I never actually put mine to bed so it looks pretty groggy...like a 50 year old man after a stag weekend in Prague.

However, I have faith in my few neglected plants. They've learnt to be hardier than normal due to their poor upbringing and obvious neglect. That clematis will recover and burst into bloom at some point. Mind you, considering I have been known to kill rosemary (the herb, not an actual person) it could go either way.

What can be done though, is making the garden look attractive by adding things that don't need any care whatsoever. (My kind of garden). Instead of planting a rose bush (it will involve pruning and some expert knowledge) why not have a beautiful statue. This will last a lifetime and actually gets better with age, like that aforementioned 50 year old man. 

If a statue isn't your thing, what about a nice bench? Wood, stone or metal, depending on the look you're after. The wooden one will need more care than stone or metal but all will give your garden a focal point and somewhere quiet to sit, pondering how we've ended up in a world with a US President named after a gaseous excretion...You literally couldn't make it up. 

You could add a birdbath or bird feeder. Both of which will bring wildlife to the garden - especially squirrels... But the joy of birdbaths and feeders is the fact they need no care and the rain will keep the bath topped up. Perfect for the lazy gardener (i.e. me).

Of course, it could be time for some new garden furniture. Again metal probably requires less maintenance than wood and if you get bored with the colour, you just spray them a different colour. 

However, the ultimate in lazy gardening has to be the 'no mow' lawn. Imagine the time and money you save! No more Sundays spent walking up and down forever in pursuit of the perfect lawn. Unfortunately, this is the only thing we don't sell so scratch that idea and choose a lovely flagstone patio instead. And you then have the excuse to buy a power washer to keep it clean - low maintenance and an excuse for more toys. It's a win-win!

Happy Spring!  


4th March 2017

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