There are two opinions about the history of the weather vane. One view is that in Pagan times the body of a black cockerel was spiked and attached to the roof as a sacrifice to the gods. The other view, is that an edict from the Pope in the 9th Century decreed that all churches had a symbol of a cockerel on the spire or steeple to represent Jesus' prophecy of Peter's betrayal the morning after the last supper.

Nowadays, a weather vane is used as a decorative feature to indicate the direction of the wind.

Wells Reclamation has a range of decorative copper weather vanes which make a fantastic feature to any home or an unusual house warming gift.

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Cockerel Weathervane
Copper weathervane - Cockerel

Stripy Sailboat Weathervane
Copper weathervane - sailboat
from £135.00

Spitfire Weathervane
Copper weathervane - aeroplane

Pig Weathervane
Copper weathervane - Pig

Sailboat Weathervane
Copper weathervane - Sailboat