Vintage & Antiques

The very nature of our business here at Wells Reclamation, ensures we have a steady supply of authentic vintage and antique items. What is classed as vintage? 'Vintage' should speak of an era in which it was produced.  Whether it be vintage furniture, a vintage sign or a vintage phonebox, the item should exhibit the best of a certain quality associated with that era. The item should be representational and instantly recognisable as belonging to a certain time and be at least 20 years old. The term antique means an age of at least 100 years.

The appeal of owning a genuine vintage item or antique furniture stems from a love of nostalgia, history, and a true appreciation of a well made item built from the finest materials which will stand the test of time both in quality and style.

The items listed here are usually unique pieces or of a limited number. The condition and wear is unavoidable and only adds to the charm and history of each product.