Suddenly it's Spring....

16th February 2012

As the days are getting longer and the garden begins to wake up after the dark days of winter, now is the time to think about how to bring your garden back to life. With flashes of colour from daffodils, tulips and crocuses and the pretty fall of the cherry blossom, we all start to think of the balmy evenings to come, spent quaffing a few glasses of wine with family and friends. So how can we prepare and set the scene?

You could consider creating a central feature of a fountain to add drama and focus. Here at Wells Reclamation, we have a varied collection of garden water features to suit all budgets. The soothing sound of water is wonderful after a stressful day at work or chasing after the young brood!

For a more social feature, how about a permanent seating area housed within a dramatic iron gazebo, under a rose arch or even in a stone folly? Check out the options we have here at Wells Reclamation to give you some ideas for your own creation.

Of course, the purchase of some new garden furniture is sometimes all you need to make your garden more welcoming. The options are endless - wood, stone or metal. Contemporary or classic in design, there is garden furniture to suit everyones tastes. We have a varied selection with options to appeal to all.

By adding a few fairy lights in the trees and some tea light lanterns, outside entertaining couldn't be easier!


Suddenly it's Spring....


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