Got a difficult friend? We can help.

24th May 2017

We've all got one of those friends who are really difficult to buy for. The one who has everything, or worse never knows what they want....Joy oh joy. 

The beauty of working somewhere like Wells Reclamation is having the widest and wildest choices possible for every conceivable event or important date. So for all those difficult friends, here is a selection of gifts to make them laugh, cry or even block you on Facebook.

Pink Flamingo's are everywhere - wallpaper, t-shirts, greetings cards and now available to buy online and in store at Wells Reclamation. They are just fabulous. And it's no wonder a group of flamingos is called a 'flamboyance'. They are the ultimate in outrageous plumage! I dare anyone not to like them. Birds are beautiful. Fact.

For the more discerning customer, one who might like the about a flying pig!? Silly and amusing, they make wonderful gifts. They are also small enough to have indoors or out. And they make great door stops.

For that friend you've been trying to ditch since Freshers Week in University (25 years ago) - look no further... An aggressive looking Scooby Dooesque flying gargoyle

A truly remarkable acheivement in excellent casting and detail to create a strangely appealing statue. (See also 'how to get rid of an unwanted house guest 2.0').

For those loved ones in your life that like a more flamboyant interior what about the harlequin coffee table or maybe the crazy red and silver chaise? Both items have a definite 'wow' factor and I promise you will not find anything the same anywhere else!

Finally, who can resist one of our signature cast iron cows? Wonderful on their own, better as a herd!












Got a difficult friend? We can help.


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